Music Writing 101

Music Writing 101:

Writing music can be hard but one song could change the world!

Here is a few tips to help you get started.

1. First, decide What Your Goal Is For This Song. Do you want to distribute the song to make money? Or do you want to just make a YouTube video of you singing and playin’ your guitar. It is up to you. My experience is: take the song, record, publish and distribute the heck out of it.

2. Listen To Compositions From Others. Listen especially songs that are top hits. What makes them so special? What do YOU like about the song! What grabs your attention? Write these notes down and then go to step 3.

3.Find Some Inspiration. Reflect, go take a walk to the park, go to a church, visit with a really good friend or watch a sunset.

4.Write/Play your melody first! I know this seems weird but it is a lot harder to add a melody to a song already written. (Been there, and I will show you the song that sits in my notebook with no melody for four years now!) How do you do this? Well, most songwriters can already play some guitar and/or some keyboard. So play around with a melody. Sometimes the most amazing tunes come from a random strum of chord progressions. And if you are born to write music, words just seem to come out of nowhere while you play.

Now if you can’t play an instrument have someone play for you while you figure out the words to a song.

5 . Get Advice From a Music Mogul. Get advice from someone who has been in the industry a good ten years or more and have them listen to your song and critique. Some of the best songs are created with 2 or more writers.

6. Record Your Song..either on an IPhone or IPAD so you can hear how it sounds and then save it for future practice and any additions you may add to the song. I have written songs and melody’s down and forgot to save them.

7. Keep A Recording Device With You whether it is your IPhone or IPod because you never know when that melody will come. Sometimes I will wake up with a tune in my head or in the middle of the night I will have another tune come to me and sometimes I’d just roll over and try to ignore it. But when you have this gift- it is God-given. But record it because once it is gone, it is gone forever

These should help you get started. I will post the rest of the process in the near future! Please feel free to leave comments!

Best to you!